Latest Fanfic

This is my latest Fanfic, a snippet of which can be found below.  Please click through to read the rest!

Can't hide it much longer

Rose Tyler gets a surprise when Pete hires a new head of alien artefacts before he goes back to stop her from falling into the void. On Rose's first day at work, she almost faints to see Jamie Smith, who looks like The Doctor sat at a desk covered in bits of alien 'tech'. On their wedding day, Rose meets another double, Alec Hardy and Jamie gets jealous when he sees them talking.

Take a chance with me 

After getting back home, Rose Tyler returns to her new world with The Doctor's clone but he becomes very ill. They try to save him and Rose uses the cannon to contact his twin. She finally gets through but even he can't save his brother. As consolation, he tells her she will meet someone in the coastal town of Broadchurch as he has learned Alec Hardy looks like them both.

Run away from you 

Rose Tyler has run away from her mother, who has hi-jacked hers and the duplicate Doctor's wedding plans. She arrives in Broadchurch to get away from it all and meets Alec Hardy, who helps her sort out her feelings. He doesn't want to get involved with her, the trial of Joe Miller was on the horizon and he didn't want her getting mixed up with it.

Rose though has some feelings for him and Alec gives up after he invites her for dinner the night after they meet.  She goes back home and tells the Doctor's clone she wants to call off the wedding and just stay engaged and he agrees and seems relieved.  A few years later, they find their old universe and he goes back but Rose stays behind.

She then goes back to Broadchurch to try to convince Alec to take a chance with her only to find out a serial attacker is on the loose and Alec fears Rose could be the next victim.

The one below should be finished soon (I hope!)

Torn apart 

Rose Tyler met Alec Hardy the first day she went to a new school when she was just 13. Her mother had followed a boyfriend to Paisley in Scotland and said they were staying. Rose dare not speak at first but Alec was different. He became her friend, they had their first kiss at 13 but 3 years later, she was gone. This is how they found each other and fell in love again in 2012.