Latest Fanfic

These are my latest stories.  A snippet can be found below.  Please click through to read the rest!

Where were you that night?

Rose Tyler is in Broadchurch just as Alec Hardy arrives to take up his new post. They meet in the hotel bar on the night Danny Latimer is killed and go off to Rose's room just as Becca Fisher sneaks out to meet Mark Latimer. Rose goes home and is unaware Alec has been accused of killing Danny when she goes off on a dangerous mission. Can he get her to cover for him in time?

I hate Christmas because.....

Wanting a relaxing break, Rose Tyler decides to visit Broadchurch, after trying to avoid meeting a certain Alec Hardy but she has to report she's in town as part of her safety arrangements. It's almost Christmas and Alec's daughter is going to be away so he decides to risk everything and ask Rose to stay with him but it doesn't turn out quite as he expected.

Stay out of my way

Rose Tyler offers Torchwood's help when a young girl has been killed in Sandbrook. Alec Hardy agrees as long as she stays out of his way when they're not working - as if that's going to happen. The case is solved and after getting together for a short time, Alec breaks it off saying she's too young. Then Rose goes to tell him he has a baby daughter when he gets to Broadchurch.

Sandbrook comes to Broadchurch

Rose Tyler has met Lee Ashworth while working as a trainee hairdresser for Claire Ripley in Sandbrook. Things start to get complicated when they move to a rented house and a young girl dies while her older cousin goes missing. Alec Hardy is in charge of the case and thinks Rose knows more than she says and offers her protection by moving her to Broadchurch after starting an affair with her.

Torn apart 

Rose Tyler met Alec Hardy the first day she went to a new school when she was just 13. Her mother had followed a boyfriend to Paisley in Scotland and said they were staying. Rose dare not speak at first but Alec was different. He became her friend, they had their first kiss at 13 but 3 years later, she was gone. This is how they found each other and fell in love again in 2012.